AECP: Level 3 Final – a Live Class

This is IT!
Strap in, people! This post is LOOONNGG and filled with lots of pics. We’re taking a look into Friday’s Altenew Educator Level 3 Final Challenge – my live class, and it was a good one!

AECP: A Floral Card for Any Occasion

Floral cards are great for any occasion.
I love it when I can craft up a design that will accommodate any sentiment. I find that lots of floral designs fit that category.

Festive Friday: 2-for-1 Card Duo

Welcome back for another Festive Friday!
I’m so excited because not only is today a new Festive Friday challenge, but it’s also my Altenew Educator Level 3 final!

AECP: Can’t Stop with the Stencils

Yes – seriously, another stencil technique…
Every time I see a new stencil now, I want to buy it. They are so versatile and absolutely fun, fun, fun to experiment with!

AECP: Another Reason to LOVE Stencils

If you don’t already love stencils, you will…
I am seriously in love with these cards and seriously addicted to how easy they are. Don’t be surprised if you see some variations pop up here sooner rather than later.

AECP: Zen & Tangled

Do you like to doodle?
I used to doodle a lot! I would doodle during meetings and back in college – you know, when you’re supposed to be paying attention!

AECP: Will It Emboss?

I wonder…. will it…?
Ever hold a craft supply in your hand wondering if it will take on a certain technique or medium? That’s how I come up with all of my crazy, innovative ideas!

AECP: Adding More Detail to Detailed Flowers

Be adventurous – take a pen to your stamped images!
I’m on to Level 3 of my Altenew Educator journey. I have five classes to complete, and then a capstone project – a live event where I will teach a class how to make some projects in person

AECP: A Gift Set for Guys

Guys need card stashes
It’s not a question, it’s a statement. Guys. Need. Card. Stashes. It’s soooo annoying every time the hubs forgets about an occasion and pops into the Retreat while I’m working and says

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