Project Happy Mail

I make more cards than I’ll ever use! Why not share some of the beautiful projects with you? All I ask for in return is for you to send me one of your handmade creations that I can donate to one of many card donation groups. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send me a card – blank inside so it can be donated. International cards welcome!
  2. Please add in a quick note on a post-it or separate piece of paper with your name, mailing address and your Instagram handle (if you have one) so I can link to you when I share your project.
  3. Don’t send an extra envelope, just send the card! (that way it’s just the price of a postage stamp)
  4. I will take a professional photograph and feature it on my Instagram feed and Stories.
  5. Your card will get added to my pile of cards ready for donation.
  6. I’ll send you one of my cards in return that you can enjoy or use however you wish!

My mailing address:

Nicole Watt
19818 Ewel Ct
Plattsmouth, NE

I look forward to seeing your creations in-person!

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