A friend of mine just posted a picture on Facebook of a Halloween candy display at her local supermarket (or Commissary as we call it in the Military). There were so many comments of disbelief that this stuff was already on display! Well, as any good crafter knows, it’s important to plan ahead! By the time Halloween is a week away you just won’t be able to find the candy you’re looking for! But…. if you buy it now, you’ll probably be buying MORE in a few weeks because the house goblins (otherwise known as spouse and kids) will have eaten it all! Whoops! (and YUM!!).

Anyway, the new Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog went live yesterday – did you know that? I haven’t hyped it up much because there’s not any MDS products in it – as you know they’re doing MDS all through their online venues. So, maybe not a good strategy because there’s TONS of stuff in the catalog that is REALLY COOL and that you can use in conjunction with MDS, but oh well…. really the release date did sneak up on me! As a demonstrator, I’ve been living with the catty for almost SIX WEEKS now!

Anyway, on to my design for the Pixel Maven DigiChallenge. This week’s challenge is an Element Challenge which means that we at PMDC give you a specific element that we want to see prominently in the design, like a specific shape, buttons, brads, ribbon, etc…. This week, we’re looking for brads. Can you find them in my design? 😉

I hope you found them – not hard to miss, huh? Though I designed this as a card, wouldn’t it look great in a frame as a part of your Halloween décor? Don’t those Glimmer Brads add just the right amount of pizzazz to the design? Recognize the tree? It’s from Spooky Bingo Bits. I {heart} that almost all of the stamp brushes in MDS are .SVG files. That means I can enlarge as much as I want and they’ll still look crisp and defined – can’t do that with rubber! (Remember how small those Bingo Bits were?)


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