Paint-A-Flower: Sunflower & Woodless Watercolor Pencils

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It’s the 22nd, so you know that means it’s time for a new Paint-a-Flower stamp set! There’s also a surprise release today, that is FOR SURE going to sell out – FAST, so, you might just wanna take a quick shopping trip NOW. I know you’re going to want these new Woodless Watercolor PENCILS!!!

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The pencils aren’t available yet, but they will be very, very soon! Your best bet is to go to the pencils page and click on the Notify Me link so you get an email as soon as the pencils are back in stock. It’s a really handy feature on the Altenew site that’s helped me to get my hands on some high-demand items (can you say Gradient Cardstock?)

In the meantime, get your hands on some of these great products that coordinate with the pencils perfectly!

watercolor pencils & sunflowers

The sunflowers in this month’s Paint-a-Flower are just a joy to color! As you’ve come to love from this series, the line work is just stunning and leaves lots of room to interpret your own coloring style. But, the real star of the show is the new Woodless Watercolor Pencils. There are 24 pencils in a fabulous cardboard cylinder.

Now, I’ve not had a lot of luck with watercolor pencils previously, but these were a dream to work with! I chose the dry-to-wet technique to create my project, and needed very little pigment from the pencils. Applying the color with a super light hand meant that I wouldn’t end up with any marring on my paper from the pencil tips. The pencils pair perfectly with the A2 Watercolor Cardstock Loose Sheets, which is what I used for my project.

The pencils come pre-sharpened and it takes very little to add vibrant color to a project. It also doesn’t take much water to activate the colors and get them moving. A waterbrush is the perfect complement to the pencil set.

I stamped the image a few times to create a whole field of beautiful blooms. Obsidian Black was the perfect choice as the next step was watercoloring! The nice thing about using pencils is that you can add in all the color first, then, come back with a water brush to activate and blend. Just the tiniest bit of black around the flowers, blended out a LOT created a nice shade to make the blooms pop off the page!

I’ll definitely be doing some more exploring and experimenting with different techniques I can create using the Woodless Watercolor Pencils. I know you’re going to enjoy them too once you get your hands on them!

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Paint-A-Flower: Sunflower & Woodless Watercolor Pencils


  1. Laurie Schlichter

    Your sunflowers look like dancing happy faces. We certainly need some of those , theses days. I’m eyeing those wood less colored pencils.

  2. Carole Parias

    So beautiful and realistic looking.

  3. Maureen Reiss

    Beautiful card!!!

  4. Yvonne Boucher

    Nicole, your card is lovely! These woodless pencils are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your creativity!!!

  5. barbara lassiter

    Your card is beautiful!

  6. Carol R

    The new woodless pencils are intriguing and the perfect addition for the Paint-a-Flower stamp sets! Thank you for sharing your watercoloring talent.

  7. Silvia Hutchinson

    Beautiful card!! I love the subtlety of the colors!!

  8. Se Jones

    Nicole, so beautiful and thanks for sharing.

  9. Lois K

    Beautiful card. Love the watercolor pencils. Thanks for sharing

  10. Nancy Pierce

    There were several cards that I thought very good. The one I found excellent was by Nannett Madero with the rich, dark background. The sunflowers were truly outstanding.

  11. Carol b

    Love your field of sunflower blooms.
    Carol b

  12. Jenny Miller

    Sooooo pretty!! Cant wait for mine to arrive! Thanks for sharing your style!

  13. Bonnie E

    Beautiful card – this is a lovely stamp and I love watercolour pencils. I love the soft tones you used in your card.

  14. Twana

    Thank you Nicole for sharing your beautiful card. I really like the way the shading made the flowers pop.

  15. Sarah Saulsbery

    Love your cards – this one and the one on the Altenew page. Where is the video?

  16. Debbie S.

    Very pretty card. I like the softness of it.

  17. Jade

    I love your card and how you stamped / positioned the flowers on the card!!! The colors are very pretty!

    • Kelli Simpson

      Nicely done!

  18. Karen Kuschel

    I absolutely love the shading on this card. It’s beautiful.

  19. Katie Amodio

    Well now I want them! Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Cordelia Alderman

    The woodless watercolor pencils are genius! Beautiful sunflower card.

  21. Sharon Gullikson

    I like how you made a shadow behind the flowers. It looks just wonderful.

  22. Juanita

    Great card, love the new pencils. TFS

    • Sherry Ward

      Love the way you arranged the blooms. Great card!

  23. Sherry Ward

    Love the way you arranged the blooms. Great card!

  24. Joni Mastronardi

    Lovely card! Love the design.

  25. Lauryne Cunningham

    Beautiful! I love the shading you did around the flowers!

  26. Meghan Kennihan

    Beautiful coloring! I LOVE these sunflowers! Perfect for fall!

  27. Sue

    OMG! I love sunflowers. Of all the sunflower stamps I have I don’t have this one. And, I enjoy working with my watercolor pencils, but I would love to try these woodless ones.

  28. Sue D

    I like your cute and happy card with the sunflowers.

  29. Cathy K.

    Really like the watercoloring on your card.

  30. Linda BL

    Really like your card. Your color choice is spot on and like how you did the flower center. Sometimes it looks like centers are an afterthought, but not yours. Also like the background with the flowers!


    Sunflowers make me smile. Love this stamp set and your coloring is great.

  32. brenda west

    Pretty card. How easy are the new woodless water color pens?

  33. Nancy K

    these cards are stunning ! Thank you

  34. Nancy R Walker

    Very lovely card! I did love the softly applied black around the sunflowers. Yes, it made them poo!

  35. Jessica Scott

    I love this simple design and the way you made this into a landscape card instead of what the stamp feels like which is a portrait…

  36. Heather DePasquale

    Lovely coloring and shading. TFS!

  37. Paula

    You never disappoint Nicole – another stunning and cheerful card 🌻

  38. Martha Brunet

    Such a pretty card. Anyone would be lucky to receive it.

  39. VIckie Davis

    Gorgeous card & I like the way you placed the flowers along the bottom.

  40. Lori Lehnen

    Those colored pencils would be so cool to try!

  41. Dorothy Ayotte

    What a lovely card! And it sounds fun to paint with pencils! Never tried that before so I will be interested in doing that.

  42. Marisela Delgado

    Awesome card and flowers! 💜

  43. Terri Bradburn

    Thanks for swatching the colors. Your card is lovely

  44. Lori Lehnen

    Very realistic looking Sunflowers.
    Such a pretty card!

  45. jean marmo

    A stunning card highlighting another wonderful release!

  46. Amber Bissonnette

    Beautiful card! Those pencils look amazing!!

  47. Kathryn Gagne

    I will say that I was never impressed with sunflowers but your pretty card has changed my mind about them. Thanks for making me take another look.

  48. Jeane Campbell

    I bet those pencils were fun to play with…love how you were able to blend out the black for the background. Great job.

  49. Cyndi Morris

    Beautiful sunflowers, beautiful card. Those watercolor pencils look amazing.

  50. Julie Greaves

    Love the card. A beautiful sentiment and lovely colouring – what more do you need? Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  51. Laura Long

    So simple and pretty! thank you for explaining about “only a little pigment” is needed for great color. one hundred pound paper instead of watercolor paper?!? Maybe you only need a little water, too!

  52. Sandra Swayze

    Such a pretty card! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Julie Wexler

    Your sunflower layout is gorgeous! And that hint of shadow you added makes them jump off the paper– beautifully done!

  54. Dawn Cooksley

    Love your sunflowers card …sooo beautiful…loving the stamp and the woodless water color pencils…

  55. Denise Bryant

    Such pretty sunflowers! Beautiful card!

  56. Avonlea

    These do look like effortless and versatile watercolour pencils crayons! Lovely card; love the simple design!


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