Did I just strike fear into the papercrafting “collector” in you?

Well, fear not, friend! I’m here to help you use up all that pretty stuff so you can SHARE IT WITH YOUR WORLD! If you think it’s pretty, someone else will too. So, why not use it to brighten someone’s day. There’s nothing better than getting a card in the mail from a loved one, for no reason other than to say hello – I’m thinking of you. Am I right?

Who Am I?

I’m Nicole Watt, aka The Pixel Maven. Why Pixel Maven? I spend lots of time on the computer designing great websites. I aspire to be the master of the pixel – the single color square upon which all design is built. Whether in papercrafting or digital design, I love to create, and I love teaching YOU to create too!

My Style

Layers, texture and fun techniques are at the core of my papercrafting “style”. Other than that, sometimes I’m vintage, sometimes shabby chic, sometimes clean and simple, sometimes I’m something completely different. I think that’s what keeps my design fresh and fun, and people coming back to learn more each week.

I am honored and excited that you’ve decided to join on this journey with me. Whether you just follow along with my creative adventures, or you choose to take part by creating, sharing and trying my projects, or joining my creative team, the Maker Mavens, I aspire to provide you inspiration every week!

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Just Getting Started? Join the Paper Party!

Check out these how-to videos and step-by-step instructions to help you get started on your papercrafting journey.

So Proud for Festive Friday (#FF0050)

So Proud for Festive Friday (#FF0050)

It’s a new year for Festive Friday!
Festive Friday is back with our first challenge of 2020. If you have a goal to add more creative time to your schedule, then challenges are a great way to get started.

Blue Floral Watercolor Card ft. Scrapbook.com Watercolor Brushes

Blue Floral Watercolor Card ft. Scrapbook.com Watercolor Brushes

Determined to be confident in your watercoloring this year?
As we look to 2020, I’m sure you’re thinking about some #craftgoals you’ve had on your list. I know a lot of people “want” to watercolor – backgrounds, flowers, characters…. but they are afraid to take the plunge.

On the Loss of a Pet

On the Loss of a Pet

Today’s card tugs at my heartstrings
I love animals. Sometimes, I think I love animals more than people… I know you know what I mean.


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