avatar2015Welcome to The Retreat!

I’m Nicole Watt, aka The Pixel Maven. Why Pixel Maven? I spend lots of time on the computer designing great websites and digital scrapbooking. But I aspire to be the master of the pixel – the single color square upon which all design is built. That’s where papercrafting comes in.

Color on color, shape on shape, texture on texture, a project is built from all these single building blocks into a beautiful expression of art.

I am honored and excited that you’ve decided to join on this journey with me. Whether you just follow along with my creative adventures, or you choose to take part by creating, sharing and trying my projects, or joining my creative team, the Maven Makers, my goal is to provide you inspiration every week!

Posts for Beginners

Check out these posts to help you get started on your papercrafting journey.

Other Resources

Check out these other pages for great (and free) inspirational resources:

Inspiration & Catalogs: Here you can check out my ever-growing gallery of projects. Click an image to access project ingredient lists, and pin projects to your Pinterest boards. I also have links to current Stampin’ Up! catalogs, and a history of previous catalogs available for download.

Freebies: These are all of my free downloadable resources to help you stay organized and keep colors at your fingertips!