Stampin' Up!'s Best Deal Ever!


New to papercrafting? Expanding your toolkit?

Look no further with Stampin’ Up!’s® Best Deal Ever (I call it the BDE).

At 20% off + FREE shipping the BDE is your fix!

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Now is the best time to get Stampin’ Up! supplies at a discount!

Not only is the Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit the Best Deal Ever, but in July, the deal is even sweeter! Read on to learn about the Kit and the BONUSES you will receive this month (Can you say $67.50 in FREE ink? I knew you could!)

The Best Deal Ever – Stampin’ Up!’s Starter Kit

If you’re new to papercrafting, you may have just stumbled onto Stampin’ Up! products. As an avid crafter and DIY’er, I can tell you that their products are ultra-high quality at a great price. That’s why the BDE is such a great value. If you’ve been around for a while, then you already know how great this stuff is, but let’s talk about this Best Deal Ever…

A $26 Coupon

Choose $125 in product (even bundles which are already 10% off), and only pay $99! Stock up on essentials to get started in your new hobby, or add to your already growing toolbox of papercrafting supplies at a 20% discount.


Your Starter Kit ships for FREE!

That’s an additional 10% savings!

(and who doesn’t love free shipping?)

Say No (no kidding!)

The Starter Kit is

That means no parties and no further purchases necessary. Enjoy the kit with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Save (or Earn) 20%

If you should decide to place another order for yourself, you will receive an ongoing 20% discount! If someone places an order with you, earn 20%! Receive this benefit while you remain an active Demonstrator.*

It’s a No-Brainer!

If you have a Wish List of over $99 in product, signing up for the Starter Kit and becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator is the way to go! Don’t let the word “Demonstrator” scare you. Remember, there’s NO OBLIGATION to have parties or make further purchases. You get to enjoy Demonstrator benefits for up to SIX MONTHS without doing anything else. Sold?

Get MORE in July!

In ADDITION to the $99 kit, you will receive the following, FREE!

  • Any ONE family of Classic Stampin’ Pads – Brights, Neutrals, Subtles or Regals

That means you can add even more great stuff to your Starter Kit, instead of getting just basics…

If you’ve done the math, Joining this month, even to support your hobby, means you’ll receive $192.50 in product for only $99 (plus tax). Who doesn’t LOVE to get $93 in product FOR FREE!?!

Still Here?

I see you’re still here! I’m guessing that you’re detail-oriented (like me), or you just need a bit more convincing that becoming a Demonstrator is the way to go. Here’s some FAQs and other things to consider, and why picking the right Demonstrator to sign under really does matter!



Pick the right Demonstrator for you...

It doesn’t matter if you get the BDE for a hobby, or because you want to make a business sharing what you love. But it does matter who you pick to sign up with… Here’s what I provide my community – the Maker Mavens – let’s see if we’re a fit!


Hobby or Business

I welcome both Hobby and Business Demonstrators! I’m committed to providing support to the Maker Mavens no matter your reason for joining. It’s an inclusive environment that focuses on creativity and successes of all kinds!

Community is Key

As the Maven community grows, I continually look for ways to connect us in a meaningful way. We currently have a quarterly meeting in the Omaha area and we share info, ideas, and support through a private Facebook group.

Free Online Classes

Demonstrators in the Maker Maven community get access to all of my Online Classes for FREE. These classes can be used for their own business, or to inspire personal projects.

Other Communities

Enjoy the personal touch that comes with our small Maker Maven community, and the advantages of a larger organization – the Stampin’ Pretty Pals and Ink Big.** Three levels of support for Hobby and Business alike.

Do it for YOU!

Everyone has a different reason for being a Maker Maven and getting the Starter Kit.

My goal is to offer a resourceful, online and local environment where members are treated respectfully and are comfortable sharing and learning from each otherBe as active in the communities as you want – there’s never any pressure – just Fun!


I hope these help answer any further questions you might have. If not, drop me a line! [email protected].


*What is an Active Demonstrator?

A Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator maintains their status by selling or purchasing $300 in product every quarter. That’s called a “minimum”. If you don’t meet the quarterly minimum, you’re dropped from Stampin’ Up! as a Demonstrator, without penalty. You can re-join at any time.

How long do I have to meet the minimum?

New Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators must meet their first $300 minimum by the end of their first FULL quarter. Quarters are Jan-Mar, April-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. If you join in the middle of a quarter (even on the 2nd day of the first month), you have that remaining quarter, plus the NEXT quarter to meet your minimum. For example, if you sign up on January 2nd, you have the rest of that “partial” quarter (through March) AND your next FULL quarter (April-Jun) to meet your first minimum. If you wanted to maintain your status as a Demonstrator, you’d only need to place $50 each month (Jan-Jun) to reach your minimum. Then, you’d “renew” your Demonstrator status, and stay on through October. I know this one can be confusing, so, be sure to email me if you have questions on this one! ([email protected])

There's really no obligation?

I cannot be more sincere about this statement:


I know, in a world of “too good to be true is always a scam” this one is soooo hard to believe! But, I GUARANTEE you, this is a true statement.


What happens when I drop?

Without getting too technical – NOTHING happens. You simply lose access to your Demonstrator account, and you’ll stop receiving Demonstrator perks (20% + off, advance notice of specials, catalogs and product pre-order opportunities — all the good stuff…).

In more detail, there is always a “pending” month, where you are given one last opportunity to make your $300 minimum. If you don’t make it, then you are dropped at the end of the month. Pending months are the month after the quarter ends; that’s April (for Jan-Mar), July (for April-Jun), October (for July-Sept), and January (for Oct-Dec). If you choose to make-up your outstanding minimum, that just fixes your previous quarter. You would still have to make the minimum for the new quarter by the end of the quarter. Clear as mud?


Can I re-join if I drop?

Yes! After a Pending month (April, July, October, January), if you don’t make up your minimum, you will be dropped as a Demonstrator. You can then rejoin, immediately, under your current Demonstrator by purchasing another $99 Starter Kit. You will lose all of your previous sales and any downline members, essentially starting from scratch. If you’re good at math, you will see that there are some times that dropping and re-joining makes sense.

If you would like to re-join under a new Demonstrator, you must wait 90 days after you are dropped. You will lose all of your previous sales and any downline members, again,starting from scratch, but with the ability to join under a new Demonstrator if you choose.


**About the Stampin' Pretty Pals and Ink Big

The Stampin’ Pretty Pals is another Demonstrator community led by my upline, Mary Fish. Mary is consistently a Top 10 Demonstrator in the Stampin’ Up! organization and has created an amazing, inclusive community. The Ink Big community is a level higher (Mary Fish’s upline) led by Lisa Pretto. Her community is equally inclusive, and she is consistently in the Top 100! There are over 1,000 (yes, that’s right, one THOUSAND) members in both organizations combined! I can tell you personally, negative attitudes, cattiness and other “downer” attitudes just don’t exist there. It truly is an amazing, supportive community unlike what you might find in other teams. Members feel safe, at-home, and like family.

True story: when I attended my first Convention in 2011, I’d already been communicating with the Pals group on Facebook. When we met in person, it was like we were old friends – hugs, stories, and even tears as we said goodbye after a few days together. That first year, there were only 6 of us from Mary’s Pals there. The following year, there were 50!

When you get your Starter Kit with me, you will automatically become a member of both the Stampin’ Pretty Pals and Ink Big organizations.

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