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I know, I know, you’ve been dying to get your hands on the new Woodless Watercolor Pencils. We’ll now’s the time! And, we’re celebrating with a Watercolor Therapy blog hop with Kathy Racoosin over at The Daily Marker for her 11 Day Coloring Challenge. You should be arriving from LauraJane’s blog. If not, you can track back to the Altenew Card Blog to start at the beginning, or continue around until you loop back here.

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watercolor pencils = easy NO LINE watercoloring!

OMG! Is no-line watercoloring the biggest challenge for you? Then these pencils are THE answer! If you can color inside the lines with a crayon or pencil, then, you can do it! Now, granted, I used the Flowing Drops stencil for this project, but the concept is the same.

I picked a color palette from the collection of 24 pencils to create a gorgeous, flowing blend. In some instances I outlined the drop completely in one color, but as I worked my way down to blend, I just outlined the top of a drop in one color and the bottom of the drop in the next color. Then, when I added in water, I let it do the blending for me! It was soooooo easy!

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keep it simple

To let that beautiful watercoloring really shine, I kept everything else to a minimum. The sentiment was diecut using the Linear Pathway Alpha solid die set – one of my new favorites! The dark green mat underneath really let the sentiment and the watercoloring pop!

see it in action!

Join me TOMORROW – November 19th at 4PM US Central to see these pencils in action! It’s my weekly YouTube craft live stream – Running with Scissors! We have a ton of fun creating and chatting about all sorts of crafty topics! Click the reminder link below so you don’t miss out!

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Now, about that GIVEAWAY…

Altenew and Kathy from The Daily Marker are giving away over $350 prizes to 17 lucky winners!

Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and each designer’s blog on the blog hop list below for a chance to win by 11/24/2020. All winners will be announced on the Altenew Winners Page on 11/30/2020.

Time to hop along!

Be sure to hop over to Caly Person for more amazing inspiration. And don’t forget to leave comments along the way to enter all the giveaways!

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Altenew + The Daily Marker Watercolor Therapy Blog Hop & Giveaway


  1. Meghan Kennihan

    What a STUNNING background and colors! LOVE THIS SLIMLINE!

  2. Nicki Baxley

    I love this!

  3. Ann Ito

    Beautiful card! Love how you kept it simple, I think I can actually do this technique! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Jeanne Beam

    Gorgeous card! Love the colors…
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Silvia Hutchinson

    Beautiful card!!

  6. Lagene

    WOW this is GORGEOUS! I never thought of using watercolor pencils with my stencils, I’ll try this!

    • Gilu

      Lovely card!

  7. Maureen Reiss

    OH Wow!!! I love this!!! Awesome way to use these pencils!!!

  8. Anita

    Love the colors you chose. Turned out pretty.


    Your stencilled BG is soooo pretty! I love slimlines.
    This is a gorgeous card.

  10. Vickie D

    Beautiful background and card, love it!

  11. Linda BL

    Very pretty card!!!

  12. Melissa Friedrich

    Really beautiful slimline card, love the soft water coloring especially the two color drops.

  13. Dorothy Ayotte

    Lovely card and such a great idea on using a stencil and HOW to do it using water color pencils.

  14. Patt H.

    Oh Nicole, this is sooo beautiful! I do forget to get my stencils out & now I can’t wait to get them out & play. The new pencils look wonderful & they are at the top of my Christmas list after seeing your post! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Andrea P

    Wow, what a super technique to get this finish. Think I may give it a try. I love to watercolor with pencils and these fit the bill for me. Adding to my long Wish List. Thanks for the helpful information and guidance . Great Hop !

  16. Donna B

    Really like using the pencils with a stencil. Great idea.

  17. Jacinda

    Beautiful coloring. 💕

  18. Julie Greaves

    I never would have thought to use watercolor pencils with stencils. I have a lot of stencils so will be trying this technique. Thanks for sharing your creativity and ideas. Love the new Altenew woodless watercolor pencils and am adding them to my wish list. 🙂

  19. barbara lassiter

    Keeping it simple letting the stencil and these watercolor pencils shine is awesome!

  20. Jade

    Such pretty colors! Your card is magnificent!

  21. Sharon Gullikson

    What a cool background. The colors you chose are very pretty, too.

  22. Sue A

    Lovely color combination for your stencil card. I really like it. It has a tropical vibe to it.

  23. Lois k

    Beautiful card. So creative. I never thought to use the pencils with stencils. Thanks for sharing

  24. Laurie M Page

    Looking forward to your ideo., such a simple but effective idea., genius!

  25. Peggy McCullar

    Wow! What a simple technique to create a stunning card! I will definitely try!

  26. Donna de Gale-Kalloo

    Very nice! I likey!

  27. Marisela Delgado

    So beautiful! 💜

  28. Amy Hill

    Hi Nicole, I love this bright card and the water color pencils are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing this design.

  29. Gilu

    Lovely card!

  30. Kailash

    Beautiful card, love the colors too!

  31. Janet Ribet

    Thanks for the tips for using watercolour pencils with stencils. Great idea and wonderful effect.

  32. Asha Kunchinadka

    How gorgeous card. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  33. Jacqueline

    Your shading and choice of colors made a clean, open design really come to life and have lovely depth.
    Thank you.

  34. Angela Reed

    Beautiful card…. great idea to use the pencils for this image!

  35. Maureen Turner

    Beautiful card! Can’t wait to try these pencils with my stencils!

  36. sue w.

    Nicole you used one of my favorite stencils. would have never thought to use watercolor pencils inside stencil for the no line technique. great job/art!
    stamping sue

  37. Cindy C.

    It turned out so beautifully, you’ve certainly made it look easy!! Would love to try the technique, thanks for sharing.

  38. Marilynn D-R

    Lovely cards with beautiful colors. Thanks for your inspiration.

  39. Theresa

    Very pretty background using the pencils, very versatile.

  40. kraftyiam

    Howdy, nice and to the point. Hi. I like the subtle changes in the colors to. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Elaine Salkil

    You get lovely colors with those new pencils.

  42. Brenda

    WOW, just WOW! I love this card and your technique.

  43. KIM G.

    Nice painting

  44. Penny Van

    Your work is breathtaking and I thank you for sharing with us.

  45. Kelsey Thomas

    So pretty! 🙂 I love the colors you used.

  46. Darlene

    What a great way to start my granddaughters water coloring!

  47. Brenda Aplin

    I love the colors you choose, these pencils are amazing… I love all the cards everyone has made using them .
    Thank you for sharing!!

  48. Deb Bryson

    That is so pretty! I never would have thought that you could watercolor with the stencil, but you totally did!! LOL


    Love the colour combinations you’ve used. Thanks for sharing your great work.


    Just beautiful Nicole. Love the way you used the stencil to water colour. Love the colours you’ve used. Thanks for sharing these techniques.

  51. Pauline Abeysekera

    I like that you choose a non-floral theme for your card. The painting turned out so well!

  52. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful design and colors!

  53. Patti G

    Beautiful Card!!

  54. Carol Wortman

    Absolutely ingenious! I am just learning watercoloring and this is such a nest concept. Great way to practice color blending and could swatch dime favorites in a stencil. Love that idea! Thanks

  55. Helen F

    What a wonderful way to use this pretty stencil! Love the soft delicate washes of colour! Thanks so much for lots of helpful hints and inspiration!

  56. JanetML

    I love the idea of using the pencils with a stencil, thank you so much for sharing!

  57. Lori Lehnen

    Love seeing the Slimline design.
    Very pretty background, beautiful colors!

  58. Jeanne J

    Using a stencil is a great idea. Lovely.

  59. Jeanne J

    Great idea using a stencil. Lovely!

  60. Boryana Y

    This card looks amazing! Love the colors!

  61. Zlatka K

    This is gorgeous! Love the loose watercolor look.

  62. Hillary Wendell

    I’ve never tried this but looks neat

  63. Cheryl B

    Love your card.

  64. Inkin' Chickie

    Wonderful use of the stencil and pencils. I like how the blend worked. Excited to give it a try.

  65. Beverly Jordan

    I love how you made it look like a wash of aquamarine and soft coloring!! The die cutting is such great inspiration for me too!!

  66. Jen Petesren

    Love the colors you paired. So lovely!

  67. Michelle Pokorny

    OMG, yes!!! No line water coloring is impossible for me. I’m really thinking I need to add these to my stash!!!

  68. Dawn Cooksley

    a very simple card that really pops…love the colors…


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