A Fall Card Using Scrapbook.com Domed Blenders 3 Ways

Oct 17, 2019Friendship Cards6 comments

A Fall Card Using Scrapbook.com Domed Blenders 3 Ways

Oct 17, 2019Friendship Cards6 comments


Ugh! How many times have you tried ink blending and ended up saying that? I know a lot of people just like you! Including ME!!! Nothing worse than being super, super careful and then ruining it with one fell swoop of the blender tool. Well, no more creative cover ups, or the need to start over, I have the perfect tool for you!

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Ink Blending Woes…

There’s lots of ink blending tools out there, so, it’s hard to know where to start. Many of us start with the simple handle with foam discs, which, maybe isn’t the best place to start.

The problem with the discs is that if you have a heavy hand (like me), it’s super easy to get streaks and dark marks and harsh edges. It can take forever to start light and build up the ink, and then blend the ink with another color ink, etc. Then, at the end, when you’ve been blending for-ever you lose concentration and get a streak.

But, what if the disc wasn’t a disc, but a dome?  Enter, Scrapbook.com’s new Domed Foam Blending Tool! When I was approached by Scrapbook.com to give these a try and share my experience with you, I jumped at the chance! Who doesn’t want better ink blending?! And if a tool can fix it in no time flat, then, I want the world to know!

The Specs

That handle should look real familiar! It’s the same size and similar in shape to other foam blending tools. So, if you already have handles, all you need are the replacement foams, which are sold in packs of 10 – 60!

Of course, the innovative part here is the domed foam. It’s a nice thickness and the domed shape means there’s no edge to cause those swirls and harsh lines! I also found that the foam seems to load up easily with lots of ink, but that I could still control it enough to get a light blend if I wanted.

Here’s my first project using the Domed Foam Blenders:

I used the blenders in three different ways – to create a blended color panel, to add ink with a stencil and to create a soft ink glow in the background.

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Project Tutorial Video

Ok, so enough extolling the virtues of these new domed blending tools – how about a video so you can see how easy it is?

Be a blending MAVEN!

See? You can get great results like this too! I hope you enjoyed learning about this new product and you give it a try too! If you need any of the supplies I used today (including the new blending foams), I have links to everything below 😀

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A Fall Card Using Scrapbook.com Domed Blenders 3 Ways